Positive versus Negative Thinking (Part 1)


There is a little block on Facebook that one fills in to let others know what you are doing. Everyone who has a Facebook account will know exactly what I am referring to. At the moment it asks; “What are you thinking about?” Yesterday I answered the question by writing: “Well only positive stuff! I am successfully keeping any negative thoughts out! Although there are a few yapping at the door, trying to get in!”

The fact that we can control our thoughts still remains one of my greatest revelations in this entire personal growth endeavour. For many people, thinking positively is a luxury, but really it is something we shouldn’t live without! So in actual fact it really is a necessity. I mean many people get through life with very little positive thinking at all, but the question is do they enjoy that life? I would imagine that they don’t, well not as much as they could anyway. People who do not concentrate on the positive things in life, have less fun than people who do! We all want to enjoy life more, don’t we?

Well here’s the solution; take the trouble and the time to direct your thoughts in a positive direction. It might seem tedious to start doing this at first…but make it a habit! As with everything in life, practice makes perfect! We’ve all seen cartoons of a character with a little angel sitting on one of his shoulders and a little devil sitting on the other. If the character gives in to the little devil that is making negative, evil suggestions he inevitably goes off and does some mischief. Similarly, if the little angel wins the battle of the will, the character goes of and performs a good deed. Although this is usually just a bit of fun entertainment, there is a lot of truth to the scene. We are constantly having to make mental choices, whether we realize it or not.

Positive and negative thoughts are vying for attention all the time.

As I mentioned in the Facebook quote, there are little negative thoughts yapping at the door of our minds all the time, and it is our job to keep them out. We have things ‘thrown’ at us on a moment-by-moment basis. We could easily chose to construe many of them as negative. It’s at that very moment that we must choose to think positively! Of course that is sometimes easier said than done, especially if you feel that you have a reason to be miserable or you have some other baggage, bondage or Life Sentence that has pre-programmed you to think in a negative way in this situation automatically. This of course is the very heart of my recently published book; “Freeing Your Mind”. In the book I identify all sorts of things that direct your thinking into a negative path. It’s things that give the red little imaginary devil sitting on your shoulder fuel to taunt you with. Yes, thinking positively is a luxury, but as earlier stated I venture to suggest that it’s a luxury that we can’t do without. In the next few blog articles that I will be submitting, I will address some of these bondages that make us open up the door to those yapping little negative thoughts. We have to keep that door shut! In fact we need deal with many issues that are causing the yapping, and causing the negative thoughts to surface more regularly. To stay with the metaphor, we need to reinforce that door so well that we can’t even hear most of the yapping and the little that we do we can easily ignore.

The problem is this does not happen by itself. It needs work, it needs attention, it needs you to take control of your thinking.

I feel like pleading with you, if you have not already done so, to make a conscious decision today! Decide that you will take control of you thinking from this moment on. Decide that from now on you will do whatever it takes to keep any negativism at bay. Do this and stick to it and you will find that your life will take on far a more positive hue. You will be far happier and have much more fun. In time you will have a whole new different life. If you would like to learn more about this, and harness the power of positive thinking I hope that you will join me and countless others by staying tuned in, and by following my blog in future.

For all the Facebook fans, you are also welcome to connect to my facebook page.

For today I leave you with this quote: “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” Unknown


Free your mind! A new e-book by Roy Stuart Heeley

Cover final - yellow(A5)

“Freeing Your Mind” focuses on “Identifying Life Sentences and other Bondages.” Roy explains that there are a good number of restrictive thought processes – bondages, that impede our progress in life. We live in a world where setting goals, pursuing our purpose and attracting the life that we desire, are concepts banded about everywhere. Many of us have these desires and have made serious steps in the right direction, but in many cases there seems to be some unseen forces holding us back, some damper on our efforts and spirits. In some areas of our lives it seems that no matter how good the intentions, things just don’t change. This could be and often is due to Life Sentences.

In his anecdotal book, Roy explains and illustrates what these subversive Life Sentences are, how to identify them, together with other bondages that hold you back and he also tells us how to do deal with them.

Roy’s book will give you amazing revelations of yourself and why you do and think the things you do.

If you have struggled to get the Law of Attraction working for you or even if you have never even heard of it, this book will set you free to be more than you ever thought you could be. Do yourself a massive favour, read this book, while making notes from the insights into your thinking and behaviour that it is sure to generate. Apply the instruction on dealing with these revelations that are explained in the book and then get ready to live a happier unrestricted future. You will be far freer to do or be anything you want to be. It will give you control of your life that you never even knew you could have.

Read it and live!

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Our Words Are Seeds Planted Into Other People’s Lives


What we say is important.

(Whether we are Christians or not!)

The Bible states that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34) We need to change our vocabulary. We need to speak works of life and light. Our talk should always rise to the level of the Word of God.

We Christians should be known as people who speak positively, those who speak the Word of God into situations, those who speak forth words of life.

We should not be like the man who joined a monastery in which the monks were allowed to speak only two words every seven years. After the first seven years had passed, the new initiate met with the abbot who asked him. “Well, what are your two words?”

“Food’s bad,” replied the man, who then went back to spend another seven-year period before once again meeting with his ecclesiastical superior.

“What are your two words now?” asked the clergyman.

“Bed’s hard,” responded the man.

Seven years later – twenty-one years after his initial entry into the monastery – the man met with the abbot for the third and final time.

“And what are your two words this time?” he was asked.

“I quit.”

“Well, I’m not surprised,” answered the disgusted cleric, “all you’ve done since you got here is complain!”

Don’t be like that man; don’t be known as a person whose only words are negative.

If you are a member of the “murmuring grapevine,” you need to resign. In John 6:43 our Lord instructed His disciples, …Murmur not among yourselves. In Philippians 2:15,15 the Apostle Paul exhorted the believers of his day:

Do all things without murmurings and disputings:

That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.

Contrary to what you may have heard, talk is not cheap. Talk is very expensive. We should know that our words are powerful. What we say affects what we get from others, and what others get from us. When we speak the wrong word, it lessens our ability to see and hear the will of God.


Abundant by nature.


You create money by increasing your value inside you. You do that by reading books and blogs like this. You also do that by remembering your true Self that is in the image and likeness of The Source.

Abundant by nature.

You then experience money by exchanging the value you have built in you. Exchange it with others by providing services, goods and money to others in exchange for their services, goods and money. Remember that people have a unique purpose or ability within them.

They fulfill part or all of this ability or purpose; they create something out of and by it, by using their internal value. Their creations are therefore unique, and the exchange of these unique creations is what brings about the paper or cash money.  Paper or cash money is just a medium of exchange for our uniquely developed internal value. Build wealth by building your inner value. Experience wealth by carrying out your purpose and ability using that built up inner value. It all lies inside you. To build external wealth, build internal value then exercise it. It is that simple. The biggest components of internal value are instantly available to all. These are faith or certainty, imagination, inquiry, and focus. Activity, taking action, translates inner value into outer value, material wealth.

Wealth follows those with wealth consciousness. It is not the other way round. Wealth consciousness comes from states and thoughts of prosperity and wealth full of confidence. It does not allow any moment at all to think poverty thoughts of limitations, doubt and scarcity, nor to have states of fear and disbelief.

from A Happy Pocket Full Of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

Read David’s Last sentence again: It does not allow any moment at all to think poverty. No moment at all! While this is difficult to achieve, one has to work at it until you get there. – it’s the only way!