Think for yourself!

Free Bird

Most of us have been taught to follow the crowd.

We subscribe to “tribal” thinking, which is the thinking of the masses. It is not easy to break from this type of thinking, or non-thinking. A lot of people find this a huge stumbling block because they believe what social, political, religious and other authority figures have told them is “true”.

There is a lot of fear tied up in leaving the tribe.

However, you will never experience true freedom or riches unless you learn to think for yourself. But to do this, you must be capable of critical thought – which is something the members of the tribe cannot do. Put another way – most people don’t know how to think. They have been told WHAT to think for so long, they no longer know HOW to think. What’s the lesson for you?

I’m convinced that true freedom and riches requires you to think contrary to what the tribe is thinking. And it ALWAYS requires you to question the beliefs you hold. On everything. This is not easy because we are addicted to certainty. We would rather be certain about our beliefs than face the fact that what we believe may not be “true”. But the more you question what the tribe believes the more you will realize that they are hypnotized.

You don’t have to wait for them to wake up from the trance. You can do it right now! Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!

No matter how large or small, please record it. (In your Journal) It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

by Dr. Robert Anthony


Micro Thinking!

mountain biker

It is said “What a man thinketh, so is he” and “the fear that a man fears comes upon him”.

We are also told “thoughts become things.” I have heard and read a lot about visualization and vision boards and getting clear picture goals and vision.  I have also learned to control my thoughts, to what I thought was an acceptable degree. I mean just how much can you control them and how many of my thoughts really become things?

Well I had a revelation over the week-end based on my mountain bike riding – I gain an amazing amount of insights via my riding. While riding the first day of the week-end,  I was imagining a particular tricky piece of single-track about 3 Km ahead. I was thinking how tricky it was and how I have had various amounts of success negotiating the descent in the past. I saw myself going almost head-over-heals, if I was not careful. Sure enough when I came to that spot I was overly cautious and fell off! I was frustrated because I had fallen off in precisely the same way that I had imagined it a few minutes earlier. I saw clearly how I had fallen off in my mind first and then followed it up with exactly the same thing in life!

One of the articles I read recently talks about a trapeze artist or a high bar jumper. The writer tells the story that the chappie was being trained to jump over higher and highest bars. When it came to the highest one his fellow students had got over, but he couldn’t even attempt it. The instruction came:- you have to see yourself going over first in your mind – go over in your mind first then you will go over in body! Wow! isn’t that what happened to me in a negative way in the cycling incident earlier – I saw myself falling and I fell, I saw myself going through successfully and I did.

When I first read the high-bar story I read it without fully comprehending it. The problem is understanding exactly what is happening; just how much of what you think is creating your life. Well it seems pretty much all of what you experience is created by what you think. I realize that sounds wild and wooly, but I am pretty sure it’s true. It’s not that you are attracting stuff per se into your Life you are in fact creating your entire existence. Quantum physicists say there is only the Now, nothing else exists. So we are creating what we experience in the next few minutes which eventually becomes a life time.

No matter how wild that sounds, I believe that’s what’s happening! In many ways having to believe that is similar (as is quoted often in this scenario) to people thinking the earth was flat having to believe it was round. To someone now, thinking it was flat and that ships could sail off the edge, if they went too close, seems ridiculous. Conversely some who thought it was flat hearing someone who believed it was round, would have scoffed and wrote it off as nonsense. Well as Ripley’s says: “Believe it!” We are creating the future now, with our thoughts.

I like the analogy that equates how life/time works, to a movie. A movie, even a video, is made up of lots of photographs strung together to make it look like live action. Well life works the same, what you have experienced so far, is made up of micro-seconds of – let’s call it time, that are created so fast that it feels like we are moving forward in time. So you say to me “Are you telling me that I am creating this entire universe” and I say; Well yes! Not entirely on your own, but collectively we are. Aren’t you clever!

Seriously you are! Most of what we are seeing is “programmed” in so deep that it happens automatically. The PC you are reading this from, for instance, will not change colour or even change shape within the next few seconds, because it’s not something you would think it would do. There is some sanity to our thinking that will not allow things to float off into the air – it would go against our thinking. There are some “rules” to this. Well to be honest we think there are and we need to have them for our so called ‘sanity’.

Okay so if our daily lives are “programmed automatically” how do we add something? Well let’s add something like going on holiday, what do you do? Well you decide you need a holiday. You decide where you want to go. Fortunately you and a whole bunch of others, especially the people that live there, have thought of a place called the Seychelles. The other fortunate thing is that it’s not too close to the end of the sea, so there is no danger of you falling off! 🙂  So I consult my wife she agrees, we go of to the travel agent, somebody already thought them up too and ditto for airplanes -It seems the Wright brothers did most of the thinking work on that. Other people, at the time, said that if God meant us to fly he would have given us wings, but the Wright brothers thought otherwise!   So you get my drift – you think a holiday and it happens. Now maybe a holiday in the Seychelles is a bit too big a thought for you to create, but you have been on holiday before, right?, so you have created a holiday. So that’s how you create anything!

So let’s go back to the cycling example. I haven’t told you yet that the nice bicycle I was riding at the time was ‘attracted’ (I stay with that word for clarity). A few months ago I was riding on an old wreck of a bike, saying it’s fantastic to be riding on this beautiful ‘state of the art’ version and sure enough a few weeks later I now ride a very nice bike. I need to explain that without me asking someone just offered to lend it to me! Anyway when I think I am going to have a great ride I do and when I imagine myself falling, I do. We actually do it all the time and just don’t at all realize what we are doing. I just received an article from a Christian friend that backs this up 100% albeit in Christian speak. We do it all the time; “Accidents happen in threes” we say and sure enough they do. “I never win anything”  “I’m catching flu” – we are doing it all the time and just not realizing it.

I understand it’s wild and wooly thinking, but just think about it, that’s how everything around us has come into being. At sometime or other somebody thought we should have that, it was thought of, designed and made, whether it be your coffee mug, your desk, your building or even your town! Yes, there is some doing, some building some work, but it all started as a single thought no matter how you look at it. I am just saying, and so are the Quantum physicists, some of them at least, say that it is more by thinking that we think.

I am starting to realize that the micro-thoughts have an influence on what I experience. Hence if I think I am going to fall I do. If I am trying to attract a holiday, then the micro-thoughts wondering if I will have enough money, if it’s the right time because my son is coming about that time, etc. undermine, and in some ways cancel-out the first thought. The thought of “do I have enough money” seems like just an innocuous ‘wonder’ but! it’s undermining the original desire.  It’s tantamount to giving a potter a Coffee cup to design, then taking of the handle on the blue print.

Does the potter put a handle on or not? Well she in fact waits until the design is finished before he starts to make it. On the grounds that she does not know what the designer wants. I heard from the movie; “The Secret” that you could ask for a parking space and you would get one. (I have actually been doing that for 20 years or more) So I ask, but the micro thought, and maybe we can call it a hidden micro-thought, is that that spot is the most sought after place in the whole shopping center and therefore it will probably be full. So I have already decided that there won’t be a spot, before I have thought it would be nice to have one. So of course the parking spot is taken!

We need to realise in detail what “micro-thoughts” we are actually thinking and then start doing more and more conscious creating. Obviously this topic is a book long and not just an article. Start being honest with you thoughts and start correcting them and creating what you desire even more purposefully, remembering all the while to have fun. You have brought yourself to the point of reading this article, its just a matter of time before you have mastered the technique beter than me and as we both know there is no such thing as time so you have in fact already mastered it! 🙂

Thought and written by Roy Stuart Heeley

You are the composer of the music and the director of the orchestra

Orchestra1_2We often take the role of spectator in our lives, sitting back and looking on in amazement and lack of understanding of what has happened and is happening to us. Often wondering how the heck we ended up in the position that we find ourselves in. It is not uncommon to hear when asking someone how they are, for them to answer, ‘well under the circumstances’….. Thereby acknowledging that they have subjected themselves to their circumstances.

I recently overheard a gentleman telling a friend of his how well he was doing and that he did not understand what was happening or how he had managed it. He may have been trying to sound humble in his blessings but I had the distinct feeling that he really thought he did not know.

Our lives are a composition of our own creation.

We not only chose and compose the music, but also choose the members of the orchestra that will help us perform the composition. Most people that I know will avoid music that offends their ears. People consciously seek out music that either inspires them or at the very least gets a little rhythm going. You will seldom if ever see someone subjecting themselves to a painful music experience. It stands to reason that if you can identify with music and rhythm that pleases you, that you could use the same inspiration in the various facets of your life.

Your composition can be a celebration of your life.

By listening to what your desires, passions and intentions are, you start creating a composition that celebrates your purpose. You need to find the passions and desires that overwhelm you. Have you ever watched a movie where something really great happens and you are moved to tears? Your composition in life requires a similar response not only from the orchestra you have chosen to direct but also from yourself. An absolute feeling of gratitude for the beauty and blessings that surround you would generally be an indication that your composition is celebrating your life.

This article is written by Charles Lubbe and posted on his Facebook Group – The Wishbone Effect

The Self, The Flesh, The Ego

Nelson MandelaEckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth writes about the ego…egoic mind and explains how that keeps us acting in an unconscious manner. According to Tolle, and I believe him, the ego…egoic mind prevents us from experiencing a greater sense of our purpose, of our connection to the source, God and, to the peace and fulfillment that we were created to have. In my view, from a Christian paradigm, it is the ego that keeps us from being aware of the Christ within each of us and, keeps us in what Paul called the flesh and what we have come to call the self.

The ego, the flesh, the self wants to be in control of all situations. In fact, we feel helpless and anxious when the self/ego is not in control. The self/ego is our seperateness. It is what distinguishes us from others. It is part of our survival instinct. The ego does not want to surrender to God and his ultimate goodness. It keeps us fearful of what may happen when we are not in control, but, as Tolle points out so graphically, our ego/self/flesh is an illusion. It is really not in control at all… not really. Therefore, dying to flesh is really dying to the ego…egoic mind, the self.

In the beginning of our transformation, it is merely recognizing the ego whenever it shows itself. It is recognizing that there is no past or future but really only “right now.” It is in the “now” that we begin to experience the Christ within us. One has to be focused on the Christ within right now. Now, whenever now is for you is really the only time you can experience the Christ within. Tolle points out that we cannot rid ourselves of the ego by our actions or by our doing anything. There is no solution except to be aware that we are connected to the source, his words, I would choose to say the Christ within but in any event, there is no way to be transformed by our connectedness to the Christ within except for seeking it and communing with it in the present moment. We can do this in every present moment. As we recognize our ego, self, flesh for what it is, acknowledge it and then transfer our attention to the Christ within, this is the mechanism for transformation. So then listen you Christian, you disciple of Jesus Christ, you cannot transform yourself by conforming to written rules and regulations. You can only be transformed when you recognize the self, flesh, ego and surrender it to the Christ within in the present moment. The more consistantly you do this the greater the outward transformation will be and the sooner self, ego, the flesh will die off.

This article is was written by Joe Machuta from his blog