Why a Secret workshop?

There is no doubt that the Law of Attraction is a real law and that it affects all of us. The problem is that just by watching the “The Secret” video or even reading the book, you do not have enough information for you get the law working for you to any reasonable degree. They simply could not get enough information into 1,5hours of video. Some of the key issues just get one sentence. At best some of them get a paragraph or two.Roy s Heeley

The Secret makes you aware of the Law and it whets your appetite, , but there is just not enough detail to get you “attracting” to any significant degree, hence the need for a workshop. During the workshop; four 1,5 sessions usually spread over  four weeks, the main issues are discussed in much more detail – how does it really work, what stops it from working positively in your life, what do you have to do to increase your level of success. In addition, other issues affecting the Law of Attraction and what are the other laws that effect this one are revealed. There is homework that helps you examine these and other issues in your own life and gets you thinking, writing and acting in ways that increase your success rate exponentially.

After completing a Red Bow Tie Secret Workshop you will be well on your way to successfully attracting and becoming anything you like and will be equipped to carry that momentum into a very successful future.

Should you wish to be even more motivated Red Bow Tie offers a further MAP4LIFE Workshop. The workshop takes the somewhat heady and ethereal concepts of the first workshop and brings it down to earth with some very practical instruction and exercises, as well as even more guidance on the Law of Attraction. You will learn how to set goals, increase your vision and discover your purpose.

All in all whether you complete both workshops or just one of them, you will be equipped in such a way that your life is greatly affected, improved and forever changed for the better.

What “The Secret” video could only promise The Secret Workshops make operational in your life.

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