Living with Passion


What is the definition of living with passion? For me, living with passion does not necessarily mean you have to be passionate about every single area of your life but there must be at least one thing you are passionate about. That one thing or it can be a number of things must be so important to you that you just have to do it or get involved in it on a regular basis. It is something so significant that without it your life would just not be as colorful as you know it can be or want it to be.

Everyone will find their passion in different areas, it does not matter where it comes from, it simply matters that it exists and you can always make the time to engage in that which you are so passionate about. I would think it would be virtually impossible to be passionate all the time although some people might disagree. There are some things I would never be passionate about like doing some of the necessary household chores but I guess that is life. The thing is though, we will always have responsibilities we cannot avoid but when our work is done what is to stop us from living with passion? There is only one obstacle to a passionate life and that is our own thoughts or laziness. Just like you, I know a varied group of people. I know people who work all day at a job they do not really like and when work is over they go home and sit in front of the television until it is time to go to bed and then do it all over again the next day and the day after that.

I know people who are alcoholics and spend most of their spare time drinking when they are not working, some even drink instead of working. Fortunately I know a lot of people who are not like the group above and who have found jobs they actually like and are passionate about. These people tend to be involved in activities they are passionate about in their spare time and ultimately are living with passion. Then there is a huge group of people in between who perhaps are not overly passionate about their job or place of work but who do find time on a regular basis to engage in their passion. The only difference between all people the world over is the choices they make, we all have a choice to get out and live with passion or we can choose to be lazy, watch TV, drink or take drugs.

The greatest way to overcome any problem you encounter in life is to find passion. You can literally find passion anywhere and at anytime. If you look for it you will undoubtedly find it if you persist. Passion often lies dormant at the heart of your problems. Overweight people often find passion through exercise and the more they persist with training their body and living a healthy lifestyle, the more passionate they become. Alcoholics and drug addicts are often the best social workers simply because they have been down that dark road before and are passionate about helping people get back into the light. Cancer survivors are wonderful at helping others beat cancer and get back on their feet since they have the ability to live with passion and know firsthand how to teach others to do the same. The worlds best sporting coaches are invariably ex champion athletes themselves and are extremely passionate about their sport. Passionate people excel in bringing out the potential in you and together you will enhance each others energy and passion for the sport. Passion is the breeding ground for excellence. Most people are passionate about their kids and children thrive when engaged in passionate activities involving their parents. So many of the worlds greatest athletes, musicians and creative artists have followed in the footsteps of their exceptionally passionate parents. I believe there is a strong link between passion and money. Although your passion may not always lead you to a world of wealth and abundance, in many cases it does. Many of the worlds wealthiest people have only achieved such phenomenal success due to their overwhelming passion. Living with passion for many people is more important than money anyway. I would certainly think a life filled with passion would outshine a life of financial abundance but without passion any day. Would you?

By John Hill


Stop watching bad news


How have you been feeling lately?
Are you feeling good?  Are you happy?  Or (like so many people), are you living in fear and worried about your future?
There’s no need to sugar coat it; we are living in an interesting time … a time of immense uncertainty for many people.

Several months ago I made a decision to stop watching the news and to not read the newspaper or news on internet.

I just refused to fill my brain with a lot of negativity.

Honestly, I watch about 15 minutes of news a week just to get a feel for what’s being put out there. And unless I just happen to tune in during the 15 minutes of ‘bad news’ being broadcast, I am guessing a constant barrage of negativity is coming out of that television.

I know you know the importance of filling your mind with positive information. 

The more you focus on what is good, the more good you will have in your life.

So here’s some advice:

…………..1) Turn off the news and cancel the newspaper.  Constantly listening to and reading bad news is a killer.  Don’t get sucked into the negative energy vortex!  Don’t worry, you won’t miss what’s happening … if there is something really important you need to know, you will hear about it.

…………..2) Fill your mind with enriching, positive information. It is vital that you build what I call ‘an emotional suit of armor’ to protect you from all the negativity out there.

Also, if you feel you need a good dose of ‘good news,’ and ‘Control your Thinking’ guidance please consider have me coach you.

Remember, it is your choice how you feel.  You can choose to be happy and abundant.  You can also choose to be in fear and pessimistic.  The truth is that it is easy to get sucked into the collective negativity of today’s world — so it is imperative to fill your cup with as much good stuff as possible!

I feel exactly the same way and could have wrote this article but John Hill did.

Smile. It Adds To Your Face Value.


Christians should be the happiest, most enthusiastic, people on earth. In fact, the word enthusiasm comes from a Greek word, entheous, which means “God within”, or “full of God”. Smiling – being happy and enthusiastic – is always a choice and not a result. It is a decision that must be consciously made. Enthusiasm and joy and happiness will improve your personality and people’s opinion of you. It will help you keep a proper perspective on life. Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.” The bigger the challenge you are facing the more enthusiasm you need. Philippians 2:5 (NIV) says, Your attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus was a man who had a smile on His face, a spring in His step, and joy on His countenance. Our attitude always tells others what we expect in return. A smile is a powerful weapon. It can even break the ice. You’ll find that being happy and enthusiastic is like a head cold – it’s very, very contagious. A laugh a day will keep the negative people away. You will also find that as enthusiasm increases, stress and fear in your life will decrease. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. (Neh. 8:10.) Many people say, “ Well no wonder that person is happy, confident and positive; if I had his job and assets I would be too.” Such thinking falsely assumes that successful people are positive because of their possessions because they have a good income and lots of possessions. But the reverse is true. Such people have a good income and lots of possessions as a result of being positive, confident, and happy. Enthusiasm always motivates to action. No significant accomplishment has ever been made without enthusiasm. In John 15:10,11 (NIV) we have a promise from the Lord, “If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father’s commands and remain in His love. I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” The joy and love of the Lord are yours – so smile!


Feed your imagination daily


Imagination is the force that takes you to places you have never been.

Napoleon Hill said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous,

inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known.

Life is imagination, images of the mind, expressed into physical form.

Feed your imagination daily

and accurately with pictures, movies, and concentration. Spend time doing this in

detail every day. Imagination is the most powerful force, and it is so because Life

uses it to know what to create next. Most people spend little time imagining. They

imagine using idle thought, haphazardly, and wonder why their life is not rich for

them. Imagination has the power to make or break your life. It is your mind, and

your choice.

Images. Images. Images! Life is images of the Mind, expressed. Imagine

your life as you wish it to be, picture perfect, with color and details, in your mind, every day. Spend an hour daily doing your images. And throughout the rest of the day, keep your thoughts in harmony with your images of your chosen life.

This is so important that it cannot be over-emphasized. The Source, God, works perfectly, giving you exactly what you envision and think about. Exactly. No more, no less. It is therefore extremely important that you have crystal-clear images and thoughts, consistently.

For example, many people wish to have a nice car. But the mistake they make is to have ‘get a nice car’ as their goal. What do they expect the universe to give them? There is physically no such car called Nice Car. Be crystal-clear!

Envision the exact car, its make, model, color, options, and all that. Go to the car yard or look it up on the Internet and know exactly, or as exact as possible, what it is you wish to have as a nice car. Then envision that every day – the more you think about it, the closer you get it to you. This is the effective way to image.

Life is images of the Mind, expressed.

Do yo u wish to travel to another country for a dream holiday? Go to the travel agency and get all the details from them, get the

brochures, flight itinerary, prices, hotels and car reservations, and all that. Build up the whole trip, exactly, in your mind in full color and spectacle.

Life is an expression of inner images. Everything we do and experience is an expression of our images, our imagination, and our thoughts. Work on your images. To change your life, change your imagination and change your thoughts.

From A Happy Pocket Full Of Money by David Cameron