In a different light!




These absolutely stunning picture are taken from my friend Koos van der Lende’s website I highly recommend that you spend a good while browsing his site, being blessed by his amazing talent. Maybe you could buy one of his photographic masterpieces. Unlike Laurie Beth, I really do know Koos J I have had the privilege of knowing and working with him for almost 20years.  I realized very early on in the relationship that this man had a special talent, a special gift – Koos sees the world differently from the vast majority of us. He sees it in light and shadows, colours and hues, far beyond the norm. This ability and skill sets him apart from most of us and even from other photographers – I have long believed that he is one of the world’s best nature photographers. My real buddy Koos! He told me that once, he rose every day, before the summer dawn, for 12 days, in order to ready his camera, to capture a perfect sunrise shot.  

This in a sense is what I want to do; I want to make the effort to see the world in a different light. I want to see a world of hope and blessings and possibilities. A world that I can change and influence by my positive attitude. A world with happiness and joy, with deep relationships and a bright future. I want to encourage you to hone your skills, to remove all the dark and bleak obstacles from your life. Get a clear positive picture of your future and move towards it with passion, enthusiasm and determination. Like Koos, let’s see the world in a different light!