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Death could make us change our minds about a lot of things. – Unknown

This quote came from Map4Life this morning and it gets me thinking!

I have always thought that most of us are going to be very surprised at what happens when our flesh dies.

Dying really is just a transition into another world, a releasing from this state. And that might even be not quite how it is – our spirits will continue on in much the same way- we will just be more aware of another realm.

I think that’s what ‘dying to self’ is too. i.e. in a very real sense we don’t have to die to experience the other realm, we just have to die to self, subdue the ego, subdue the flesh, lay down limiting beliefs.  I have always struggled to understand the need to die to self. But I am now starting to realize that it’s so that we can be more aware, so that we can ‘move/operate’ in spiritual (heavenly) places.

What if our eyes being opened after “the eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil” incident, is what we experience as a person, as a biological being. What we experience with the 5 senses. So the fruit is eaten, the eyes are open, we now see and focus on the 5 sense experience – we struggle to see that we are spiritual beings.

But Jesus died on the cross to restore what went wrong in the garden. So the place, that place, that we are getting back to, here on earth, is before we had to plow the ground, before we had toil in the garden with the sweat of our brow. It’s before we where limited (in most of our understanding) to the 5 senses.

Right? right!

So let’s get back there! The deed is redeemed, we are redeemed, let’s get back to eating from the tree of life!

Which is in essence being spiritual beings here on earth!


Born With A Purpose

Book Launch2

You were born with a purpose. You can learn from the past and you can change the future because of who you are. You were born on purpose for a purpose. The world cannot do without what you have within you. There is a seed placed within you that must be allowed to germinate, grow and bring forth fruit. You know it and the world knows it. Never be afraid to take a step of faith and begin to unfurl your future — the one you were designed to live. Everyone has a story to tell, a book to write; yet few do. You were born a winner. You have the time, the resources and the energy to make your dreams come true; to fulfil your purpose. Be careful not to become too absorbed in those pleasurable distractions that do not form part of your purpose. Focus only on the best and say “no” to the rest. Above article courtesy of

The picture I have put with Glen’s article above is a picture of my daughter Janet, reading from the children’s book she has written to a group of children! If I look around me, I would easily come to the conclusion that Glen was right about everyone having a book within them.  Janet has written a book, her husband has, both her in-laws have, her mother, my wife has and I am writing one. WOW!  So maybe it’s true, maybe we all have a book within us! 3 years ago I would never have thought (in a thousand years) that I would be writing a book and now in fact I am writing one and mentally making notes on my second. I will guarantee that there are things, not necessarily a book, but exciting unique to you things in you, that are just waiting to come out.  Give yourself a chance, let the wonderments on the inside, out! – Roy

World Builder

I found this wonderous!

I don’t know if one needs to read anything into this video, but you can!

I just loved the futuristic stuff 🙂 and just the quality of how its done!


Cinderella’s Rags To Riches Story


Soon, the clock struck once for midnight. Cinderella startled. Remembering what the fairy godmother had said, she told the Prince that she could not stay. She started to run off. By then, the Prince had decided that he wanted to get to know her better. He could not imagine her leaving, without at least taking down her contact details. “Wait!” he said, running after her. But she hurried on.

As Cinderella hastily went down the spiral stairway, she dropped one of her glass slippers. The sound of the clock striking for midnight continued to loom in the background. She decided that there was no way she could turn back to retrieve it. Most certainly, she did not wish to be caught wearing rags. And not in front of the noble Prince!

Cinderella made it back to her carriage. Like lighting, her carriage took off for home. At the stroke of midnight, true to what her fairy godmother had warned, Cinderella’s gown disappeared. She found herself dressed in her old clothes once again.

The Law Of Attraction

It had been a most magical night. Cinderella was grateful for the chance to go to the ball. She silently gave thanks to the Universe for answering her prayers.

Cinderella now knew what abundance meant. It was not the gown nor the riches that she had truly wanted. She had tasted joy in the short moments she was at the ball. For the first time, she acknowledged that happiness was her heart’s true desires. She longed to see the Prince again.

Cinderella decided to use the Law of Attraction properly. She dealt with her remaining negative beliefs, applied focused intention, align her energy upwards and followed up with positive daily affirmations. She connected deeply to her soul. While completing her household chores, she sang with much joyous anticipation to the tune “A Dream is a Wish that Your Heart Makes”. Cinderella also served her stepmother and stepsisters no longer with bitterness but with every gratitude for their allowing her to stay with them. She radiated joy, love, compassion, wisdom and peace.

Happily Ever After

A month later, a royal messenger arrived at her home with a decree. The Prince had laid down that every maiden in the kingdom was to try on the glass slipper that was left behind at the castle on the night of the royal ball. He knew that few women would be able to fit into a size 4½ shoe. He vowed to marry the one who had worn the glass slipper that memorable night.

Not surprisingly, the tiny glass slipper fitted perfectly onto Cinderella’s feet, when she tried it on. Cinderella was brought back to the castle by the messenger. After a few months, she married the Prince, the one who held the key to her heart!

Cinderella finally succeeded in aligning her energy vibrations to match that of her desires. She now understood that she could tap into the Universe for all its abundance. Her thoughts had become reality. Her dreams had come true!

With an increased awareness of her divine power, Cinderella continued to apply what she knew. She manifested love and peace throughout the whole kingdom. In the process, her stepmother and stepsisters managed to find romance too. So it was that Cinderella and the Prince lived happily ever after.

Credit: My two princesses, Min and Hui, who often challenged me in coming up with imaginative stories to keep them entertained before bedtime.

About the Writer

Evelyn Lim is a life coach. She runs a successful blog at Attraction Mind Map, with readers from all over the world. The topics she cover include the law of attraction, abundance, power of intention, energy healing, intuition and spirituality. Last year, her Vision Board made it to a best-selling book. Short of a castle but like Cinderella, she is living a life of her dreams.