The Secret versus the Bible


I wrote to a guy who requested some guidance recently. He is a young Christian and wanted to know; “Is the Secret Christian? ” I think you would all benefit from my answer:

Hi River, The Secret is not Christian!  But it is based on Christian principles. The people who made it are not Christian – most of them anyway, But they quote and use principles from the bible all the time. Almost everything they say can be backed up by scripture, but NOTE almost, not everything. 

I think it would be unwise to use the Secret as your foundation. The Bible is far superior, far wiser and far safer that anything else. But does this mean we can not benefit from the Secret, no I believe we can use and learn from the Secret to our great benefit. The things that the Secret teaches are all in the bible, but we either don’t recognize them or ignore them. I believe that the The Secret can give Christians “a leg up” a boost to take them to places they should be. Christians that preach biblical teachings based on priciples that the Secret teaches are; Kenneth Copeland, Creffro Dollar, Joel Osteen amongst many others. 

I hope this helps.


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