Our Words Are Seeds Planted Into Other People’s Lives


What we say is important.

(Whether we are Christians or not!)

The Bible states that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matt. 12:34) We need to change our vocabulary. We need to speak works of life and light. Our talk should always rise to the level of the Word of God.

We Christians should be known as people who speak positively, those who speak the Word of God into situations, those who speak forth words of life.

We should not be like the man who joined a monastery in which the monks were allowed to speak only two words every seven years. After the first seven years had passed, the new initiate met with the abbot who asked him. “Well, what are your two words?”

“Food’s bad,” replied the man, who then went back to spend another seven-year period before once again meeting with his ecclesiastical superior.

“What are your two words now?” asked the clergyman.

“Bed’s hard,” responded the man.

Seven years later – twenty-one years after his initial entry into the monastery – the man met with the abbot for the third and final time.

“And what are your two words this time?” he was asked.

“I quit.”

“Well, I’m not surprised,” answered the disgusted cleric, “all you’ve done since you got here is complain!”

Don’t be like that man; don’t be known as a person whose only words are negative.

If you are a member of the “murmuring grapevine,” you need to resign. In John 6:43 our Lord instructed His disciples, …Murmur not among yourselves. In Philippians 2:15,15 the Apostle Paul exhorted the believers of his day:

Do all things without murmurings and disputings:

That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.

Contrary to what you may have heard, talk is not cheap. Talk is very expensive. We should know that our words are powerful. What we say affects what we get from others, and what others get from us. When we speak the wrong word, it lessens our ability to see and hear the will of God.



Abundant by nature.


You create money by increasing your value inside you. You do that by reading books and blogs like this. You also do that by remembering your true Self that is in the image and likeness of The Source.

Abundant by nature.

You then experience money by exchanging the value you have built in you. Exchange it with others by providing services, goods and money to others in exchange for their services, goods and money. Remember that people have a unique purpose or ability within them.

They fulfill part or all of this ability or purpose; they create something out of and by it, by using their internal value. Their creations are therefore unique, and the exchange of these unique creations is what brings about the paper or cash money.  Paper or cash money is just a medium of exchange for our uniquely developed internal value. Build wealth by building your inner value. Experience wealth by carrying out your purpose and ability using that built up inner value. It all lies inside you. To build external wealth, build internal value then exercise it. It is that simple. The biggest components of internal value are instantly available to all. These are faith or certainty, imagination, inquiry, and focus. Activity, taking action, translates inner value into outer value, material wealth.

Wealth follows those with wealth consciousness. It is not the other way round. Wealth consciousness comes from states and thoughts of prosperity and wealth full of confidence. It does not allow any moment at all to think poverty thoughts of limitations, doubt and scarcity, nor to have states of fear and disbelief.

from A Happy Pocket Full Of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

Read David’s Last sentence again: It does not allow any moment at all to think poverty. No moment at all! While this is difficult to achieve, one has to work at it until you get there. – it’s the only way!

Think for yourself!

Free Bird

Most of us have been taught to follow the crowd.

We subscribe to “tribal” thinking, which is the thinking of the masses. It is not easy to break from this type of thinking, or non-thinking. A lot of people find this a huge stumbling block because they believe what social, political, religious and other authority figures have told them is “true”.

There is a lot of fear tied up in leaving the tribe.

However, you will never experience true freedom or riches unless you learn to think for yourself. But to do this, you must be capable of critical thought – which is something the members of the tribe cannot do. Put another way – most people don’t know how to think. They have been told WHAT to think for so long, they no longer know HOW to think. What’s the lesson for you?

I’m convinced that true freedom and riches requires you to think contrary to what the tribe is thinking. And it ALWAYS requires you to question the beliefs you hold. On everything. This is not easy because we are addicted to certainty. We would rather be certain about our beliefs than face the fact that what we believe may not be “true”. But the more you question what the tribe believes the more you will realize that they are hypnotized.

You don’t have to wait for them to wake up from the trance. You can do it right now! Today will bring you a new awareness, a lesson or a manifestation that you are making progress – IF YOU LOOK FOR IT!

No matter how large or small, please record it. (In your Journal) It will only take a few moments and will AUTOMATICALLY put you in the Flow.

by Dr. Robert Anthony

You are the composer of the music and the director of the orchestra

Orchestra1_2We often take the role of spectator in our lives, sitting back and looking on in amazement and lack of understanding of what has happened and is happening to us. Often wondering how the heck we ended up in the position that we find ourselves in. It is not uncommon to hear when asking someone how they are, for them to answer, ‘well under the circumstances’….. Thereby acknowledging that they have subjected themselves to their circumstances.

I recently overheard a gentleman telling a friend of his how well he was doing and that he did not understand what was happening or how he had managed it. He may have been trying to sound humble in his blessings but I had the distinct feeling that he really thought he did not know.

Our lives are a composition of our own creation.

We not only chose and compose the music, but also choose the members of the orchestra that will help us perform the composition. Most people that I know will avoid music that offends their ears. People consciously seek out music that either inspires them or at the very least gets a little rhythm going. You will seldom if ever see someone subjecting themselves to a painful music experience. It stands to reason that if you can identify with music and rhythm that pleases you, that you could use the same inspiration in the various facets of your life.

Your composition can be a celebration of your life.

By listening to what your desires, passions and intentions are, you start creating a composition that celebrates your purpose. You need to find the passions and desires that overwhelm you. Have you ever watched a movie where something really great happens and you are moved to tears? Your composition in life requires a similar response not only from the orchestra you have chosen to direct but also from yourself. An absolute feeling of gratitude for the beauty and blessings that surround you would generally be an indication that your composition is celebrating your life.

This article is written by Charles Lubbe and posted on his Facebook Group – The Wishbone Effect

The Self, The Flesh, The Ego

Nelson MandelaEckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth writes about the ego…egoic mind and explains how that keeps us acting in an unconscious manner. According to Tolle, and I believe him, the ego…egoic mind prevents us from experiencing a greater sense of our purpose, of our connection to the source, God and, to the peace and fulfillment that we were created to have. In my view, from a Christian paradigm, it is the ego that keeps us from being aware of the Christ within each of us and, keeps us in what Paul called the flesh and what we have come to call the self.

The ego, the flesh, the self wants to be in control of all situations. In fact, we feel helpless and anxious when the self/ego is not in control. The self/ego is our seperateness. It is what distinguishes us from others. It is part of our survival instinct. The ego does not want to surrender to God and his ultimate goodness. It keeps us fearful of what may happen when we are not in control, but, as Tolle points out so graphically, our ego/self/flesh is an illusion. It is really not in control at all… not really. Therefore, dying to flesh is really dying to the ego…egoic mind, the self.

In the beginning of our transformation, it is merely recognizing the ego whenever it shows itself. It is recognizing that there is no past or future but really only “right now.” It is in the “now” that we begin to experience the Christ within us. One has to be focused on the Christ within right now. Now, whenever now is for you is really the only time you can experience the Christ within. Tolle points out that we cannot rid ourselves of the ego by our actions or by our doing anything. There is no solution except to be aware that we are connected to the source, his words, I would choose to say the Christ within but in any event, there is no way to be transformed by our connectedness to the Christ within except for seeking it and communing with it in the present moment. We can do this in every present moment. As we recognize our ego, self, flesh for what it is, acknowledge it and then transfer our attention to the Christ within, this is the mechanism for transformation. So then listen you Christian, you disciple of Jesus Christ, you cannot transform yourself by conforming to written rules and regulations. You can only be transformed when you recognize the self, flesh, ego and surrender it to the Christ within in the present moment. The more consistantly you do this the greater the outward transformation will be and the sooner self, ego, the flesh will die off.

This article is was written by Joe Machuta from his blog     http://jmac-jfb.blogspot.com/

Set yourself free!

Set Free

Use all conditions to enjoy and build yourself – that is what they are there for.
Even the ‘negative’ ones are useful. If, for example, you are faced with a situation in which you are under oppressive people, first make sure you choose to be in a libertarian, self-loving and loving state (the opposite of oppressive) of being internally. Think, speak and act liberty, self-love and love. Show them kindness and forgiveness, rather than being oppressive to them when you get a chance.
That is how you get out of your negative circumstances. That way and by visualizing in detail, with belief, the way you wish to next create your world. When you become a non-oppressive person who loves themselves and others, truly, internally, you will find yourself leaving that oppressive situation. The negative situation will have done its work in ‘fixing’ you, with your voluntary participation.
Always remember that at some level, whether you are conscious of it or not, you chose the circumstances you are in.

When you look within you to find the error in thought causing your suffering, always look with humility so that your ego does not interfere. Look with sincerity to find truthfully. Look with no self-pity or mercy – call a spade a spade.
Remember, it is a private exercise; no one else will know and ridicule you so feel free to be precise and honest with yourself.

This excellent truth is found in the wonderful book by David Cameron Gidaki – A Happy Pocket full of Money – I highly recommend it!

Born With A Purpose

Book Launch2

You were born with a purpose. You can learn from the past and you can change the future because of who you are. You were born on purpose for a purpose. The world cannot do without what you have within you. There is a seed placed within you that must be allowed to germinate, grow and bring forth fruit. You know it and the world knows it. Never be afraid to take a step of faith and begin to unfurl your future — the one you were designed to live. Everyone has a story to tell, a book to write; yet few do. You were born a winner. You have the time, the resources and the energy to make your dreams come true; to fulfil your purpose. Be careful not to become too absorbed in those pleasurable distractions that do not form part of your purpose. Focus only on the best and say “no” to the rest. Above article courtesy of MAP4LIFE.com

The picture I have put with Glen’s article above is a picture of my daughter Janet, reading from the children’s book she has written to a group of children! If I look around me, I would easily come to the conclusion that Glen was right about everyone having a book within them.  Janet has written a book, her husband has, both her in-laws have, her mother, my wife has and I am writing one. WOW!  So maybe it’s true, maybe we all have a book within us! 3 years ago I would never have thought (in a thousand years) that I would be writing a book and now in fact I am writing one and mentally making notes on my second. I will guarantee that there are things, not necessarily a book, but exciting unique to you things in you, that are just waiting to come out.  Give yourself a chance, let the wonderments on the inside, out! – Roy