Positive versus Negative Thinking The dilemma of personal growth

Low self image

A lot of people face the problem where their self images are too low to make an effort to improve their self image and bettering their lives! Almost a Catch 22 situation. People just don’t feel good enough about themselves to even get started on the path to self-fulfilment. Deep down one knows there is more to life, but it seems such an effort.  Can it really work for me? Is it just hype or can I really make something of my life?

I want and need you to know and truly believe that it’s not hype, it is true, and you, yes YOU can really be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do and go anywhere you want to go.

The truth is, you reading this article means 2 things:

1) there is a desire to grow within you, and

2) you have already started! Yes you are already on the road to greatness!

This I can work with –the ball is rolling, now all you have to do is roll with it.  But I can’t make you keep going….only you can keep it rolling!

The next thing to do is for you to realise that you are fantastic, you are wonderful, you are everything you want to be – no “but’s”. You must  focus on the good things rather than any perceived bad attributes. Just one or two for a start, if that’s all you can muster. Start seeing and realising that there are some good things going on in your life and put your attentions on them.

Personally I send out a list every work day. I call it “Power Lists”, the lists are designed to help me and you to recognise the strengths that we have. The first list is the “I Am’s” In my case it’s 10 things that I am; “I am happy, I am thoughtful, I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, etc. You need to be writing some down on a daily basis too. If you can’t get to 10, start with 5 or even 3. Quickly write some down now, in eg. “I am a good reader! I am growing!” There we are, the ball is rolling even more. Next write: Some “Grateful’s”: “I am grateful I can read this. I am grateful that I woke up this morning”. If you are not on my daily mailing list already, send me an e-mail on list@redbowtie.co.za and we will put you on this mailing list, to inspire you keep going with your list every work day. The point of this is to help you see all the good things in your life, and for every negative thought you will be able to counter it with something positive. This also helps you to want to become better in the places where you feel you need to work on and appreciate the fact that you are YOU, you are unique and you are special. There is no one on this earth quite like you, and that in itself is wonderful. We sometimes just focus so much on the negatives that we look clear past all the good things in our life and all the positives.

Another one of the biggest challenges of all this stuff is procrastination – it’s easier to put things off till tomorrow. It just is what it is, and one goes through the motions of life and you let a lot of important stuff (like self-growth) wait till tomorrow or another day! Tomorrow you do the same, and the day after and the day after. A week from now you will have forgotten what you read here because there were so many other things that got piled on top of this that you would not even remember what this was all about in the first place, and you will still be drudging along through the swamp of negativity. No! Make a decision that you won’t. Do something now this very minute to change that. Start you own list! Even if you don’t make one every day, make a list of everything that is positive about you and in your life and put it up on fridge if you want, on the pinboard at your desk, put it in your bible, leave it next to your bedside table to read every night before you go to bed and even in the mornings. If you don’t know where to begin, e-mail me to start receiving my list, so that you will be inspired and reminded to keep doing yours and keep seeing the positives in your own life. Just  do something NOW. Say; “I will not procrastinate, I am a doer, I make things happen. I deserve to work on myself. I deserve to improve my life.”

I always recommend that when you start on a journey of personal growth that you do not try and do it on your own. You need to tell somebody that you’re going to work on yourself from now on. If possible someone that you can do it together with, someone that will hold you accountable, but at the very least tell someone – if you don’t have anyone else to tell, tell me if you would like roy@redbowtie.co.za. I will listen. Also start writing it down in  journal. I believe firmly that we all need a journal , a place where you can document your growth, write down things that are helping you, and things that you need to take note of – Your “I am’s” and also the questions that you might have. This way you can see where you are going, and you can also see how you are progressing and moving forward.

3DBOOKYou probably have some limiting beliefs and Life Sentences and you need to start dealing with those as well. Read my book if you can or at least read my blog. Start looking at other self growth blogs and websites. There is such a wonderful amount of free material out here and of course also things that you can pay for and use. The fact is, you have no excuses. You need to start acting, and start today! The best time to start this journey is now! Don’t put it of another moment.

Albert Einstein’s statement is so relevant here; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” Let’s decide to do something different today, NOW! And do it!


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