Positive versus Negative Thinking – Restraining Order


Information about positive thinking, the law of attraction and self-improvement is freely available to any and all who wants to hear it. Lots of people buy books about the topic, attend seminars, motivational talks and even workshops.

After coming back from a particular meeting where I was very well received and my explanation of the “Life Sentence” was very favourable, I asked my wife, who attended the meeting with me “Why do some people still, even after hearing the message that I bring to them, not act on the next step I am offering them and want to get free from it.” Her answer was: “They are so used to the bondage they have lived with for so long, that it does not feel like bondage anymore”.

The problem is she was 100% right! We get so used to the bondage we live in that we don’t even know where we are restrained, it becomes the norm for us. How sad!

I immediately thought of the story of the way that they train the elephants in India. Apparently when they are young, they plant a stake in the ground and tie a strong rope or chain to the elephants back ankle. The rope allows the elephants to move around a bit, and walk a little way, but soon he gets to the end of the rope and then can’t go any further. They do this for a certain amount of time, a week or two perhaps. Obviously the elephant learns that when the stake is planted in the ground he can go a distance, but no further. The remarkable thing is (and the part of the story that is of particular interest to us), is that after the time is up they no longer bother to attach the rope to the elephant. They just plant the stake in the ground and when the elephant walks the same distance that the rope used to limit him to, he stops and doesn’t go any further! He has grown so accustomed to the bondage in his mind that he submits to it even though it’s not there anymore.

Well my message is not quite the same i.e. we have not yet been released, so we cannot go free yet. It does however have some major parallels though and that is; we have grown so accustomed to the bondages that we have made peace with them. We are “happy” to live with them. And off course that is my frustration, not heavy frustration, because I have learned not to get to upset about anything, but yes there is a small measure of frustration. Not because people don’t always act on the message of positive thinking and motivation I bring them, or allow themselves to time to read through the resources I make available to them, but because they have gotten so used to the bondage that they live in that they don’t see the need to do something about it.

When I think about it, I have been there and done that. I too had in prior years not acted on many of the opportunities and resources that were made available to me or that stood before me – ready for me to just take action on it. Of course it was either someone else speaking or resources that were provided by someone else, and it was quite a while ago, but it was the same sentiment; I’m okay, I am doing fine as I am, why do I need to read the ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ I’ll give it a read some time later in the never, never”. It was only when I saw ‘The Secret’ that I realized that what was going on in my mind was my responsibility! I spent a few years trying to implement the Law of Attraction in my own life and although in some instances I succeeded, I still felt like I was not quite succeeding in all of it. I realized that it was the “Life Sentences” that were controlling what happened in my life and the things I wanted to happen weren’t happening.  This is when I woke up, smelled the coffee and realized that I needed to do something about my thinking. I started to understand that I must DO something about what was going on in my sub-conscious and my conscious mind for that matter.

Come on people don’t stay complacent with the bondages you have. Don’t be satisfied with living with the limits, that bondages and mental baggage you are unwittingly putting upon yourself. Get to understand them, get to a place where you can identify any and every bondage and eliminate them. Get to work on “Freeing Your Mind”.

Just like the elephants we are roaming around in our own little space not realizing that there is a much bigger world out there, and a much bigger life to lead. Let’s take advantage of it, let’s get into action and make use of every opportunity we have.  Let’s not allow “Life Sentences” or anything else to hold us back from getting into action and becoming everything that we can become and achieving so much more than we ever thought possible.

There are things to do and places to go, let’s get free go and do them!


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