Living with Passion


What is the definition of living with passion? For me, living with passion does not necessarily mean you have to be passionate about every single area of your life but there must be at least one thing you are passionate about. That one thing or it can be a number of things must be so important to you that you just have to do it or get involved in it on a regular basis. It is something so significant that without it your life would just not be as colorful as you know it can be or want it to be.

Everyone will find their passion in different areas, it does not matter where it comes from, it simply matters that it exists and you can always make the time to engage in that which you are so passionate about. I would think it would be virtually impossible to be passionate all the time although some people might disagree. There are some things I would never be passionate about like doing some of the necessary household chores but I guess that is life. The thing is though, we will always have responsibilities we cannot avoid but when our work is done what is to stop us from living with passion? There is only one obstacle to a passionate life and that is our own thoughts or laziness. Just like you, I know a varied group of people. I know people who work all day at a job they do not really like and when work is over they go home and sit in front of the television until it is time to go to bed and then do it all over again the next day and the day after that.

I know people who are alcoholics and spend most of their spare time drinking when they are not working, some even drink instead of working. Fortunately I know a lot of people who are not like the group above and who have found jobs they actually like and are passionate about. These people tend to be involved in activities they are passionate about in their spare time and ultimately are living with passion. Then there is a huge group of people in between who perhaps are not overly passionate about their job or place of work but who do find time on a regular basis to engage in their passion. The only difference between all people the world over is the choices they make, we all have a choice to get out and live with passion or we can choose to be lazy, watch TV, drink or take drugs.

The greatest way to overcome any problem you encounter in life is to find passion. You can literally find passion anywhere and at anytime. If you look for it you will undoubtedly find it if you persist. Passion often lies dormant at the heart of your problems. Overweight people often find passion through exercise and the more they persist with training their body and living a healthy lifestyle, the more passionate they become. Alcoholics and drug addicts are often the best social workers simply because they have been down that dark road before and are passionate about helping people get back into the light. Cancer survivors are wonderful at helping others beat cancer and get back on their feet since they have the ability to live with passion and know firsthand how to teach others to do the same. The worlds best sporting coaches are invariably ex champion athletes themselves and are extremely passionate about their sport. Passionate people excel in bringing out the potential in you and together you will enhance each others energy and passion for the sport. Passion is the breeding ground for excellence. Most people are passionate about their kids and children thrive when engaged in passionate activities involving their parents. So many of the worlds greatest athletes, musicians and creative artists have followed in the footsteps of their exceptionally passionate parents. I believe there is a strong link between passion and money. Although your passion may not always lead you to a world of wealth and abundance, in many cases it does. Many of the worlds wealthiest people have only achieved such phenomenal success due to their overwhelming passion. Living with passion for many people is more important than money anyway. I would certainly think a life filled with passion would outshine a life of financial abundance but without passion any day. Would you?

By John Hill