Stop watching bad news


How have you been feeling lately?
Are you feeling good?  Are you happy?  Or (like so many people), are you living in fear and worried about your future?
There’s no need to sugar coat it; we are living in an interesting time … a time of immense uncertainty for many people.

Several months ago I made a decision to stop watching the news and to not read the newspaper or news on internet.

I just refused to fill my brain with a lot of negativity.

Honestly, I watch about 15 minutes of news a week just to get a feel for what’s being put out there. And unless I just happen to tune in during the 15 minutes of ‘bad news’ being broadcast, I am guessing a constant barrage of negativity is coming out of that television.

I know you know the importance of filling your mind with positive information. 

The more you focus on what is good, the more good you will have in your life.

So here’s some advice:

…………..1) Turn off the news and cancel the newspaper.  Constantly listening to and reading bad news is a killer.  Don’t get sucked into the negative energy vortex!  Don’t worry, you won’t miss what’s happening … if there is something really important you need to know, you will hear about it.

…………..2) Fill your mind with enriching, positive information. It is vital that you build what I call ‘an emotional suit of armor’ to protect you from all the negativity out there.

Also, if you feel you need a good dose of ‘good news,’ and ‘Control your Thinking’ guidance please consider have me coach you.

Remember, it is your choice how you feel.  You can choose to be happy and abundant.  You can also choose to be in fear and pessimistic.  The truth is that it is easy to get sucked into the collective negativity of today’s world — so it is imperative to fill your cup with as much good stuff as possible!

I feel exactly the same way and could have wrote this article but John Hill did.


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