Benefits of Atheism. Part 2

atheist-sign.jpg     I am going to presume you have read the first installment of this topic (below), if you have not then may I suggest you read that before this one other wise this one may not make total sense. A quote from the same Atheistic book that I referred to in the first article states that; ‘If one person is delusional, they call it insanity, when a multitude of people have the same delusion as each other its  called a religion,” an interesting thought. My question is however; “Which is the delusion? To think there is a higher power out there greater than you or to believe that you are it? 

Okay, let’s get into the next two benefits, firstly; The Spiritual Connection. It is a proven scientific fact that we are more than just a physical body. At the very least we are energy. I believe, together with the majority of humans on this planet that we are not only physical we are also Spiritual. I would take it further than that and would say we are more spiritual than physical. The majority of the religions around the world worship spiritual beings. I agree that does not necessary make them right, but there are so many evidence of the Spiritual realm in one form or another. Whether it be, ghosts or life after death experiences or ……  Well I have personally facilitated 100’s of people getting ‘born again”. i.e. getting connected spiritually. I have watched with my own eyes on numerous occasions the effect that that spiritual connection, that spiritual ‘plugging in’ has had on people, often instant and tangible, sometimes overtime. Yes it could be auto suggestion, it could be a mass delusion, but boy is it life changing or at least it can be if taken advantage of.  

There is a big spiritual world out there far more powerful and amazing that this old physical world. It’s a lot less limiting; a lot more empowering, enabling, even encouraging than the one we can touch. It’s a big benefit, don’t take it for granted, don’t deny the power thereof.  Perceive it, investigate it, and pursue it. In the bible Paul prays that the Ephesians would come to know the immeasurable, unlimited power that’s available to those who believe. Make sure that the eyes of your heart are opened to that spiritual power. 

Okay, benefit number four (of the series) is: Moral Absolutes. Us peoples are desperately in need of moral absolutes. Moral absolute of course are pretty much based on the Ten Commandments; Thow shalt not kill, etcetera. If you don’t have absolutes, if you are no anchored morally, anyone can move the goal posts, anytime it suits them. I was once explaining this to a friend and used adultery as an example. He stated that he did not need to be religious to know that that was wrong and he would never do such a thing. Six months later, he met a young lay that gave him some attention and shortly thereafter after spending all his family’s joint savings and investments left his wife. Now I know that Christians do that too, it’s just that they know sooner that they are crossing the line and in fact it stops many from doing so. The problem is that if we are not sure where the line is drawn, we can step over it or move it anytime we like.

fetus1.jpg   Let’s look at some examples of the line being fudged. The most glaring is abortion. In order to get around the “thow shalt no kill” rule. We move the “when life begins” line. The homosexual issue is a sensitive one; it should be pretty obvious that it’s wrong. I mean if we all became homosexuals there would be no one left to make babies. (over simplification, maybe but true) I have always wondered who decided that rape is wrong. To millions of Christians it’s obviously wrong, but to those who believe in abortion and homosexuality? Well in fact most of them think it wrong too. Murder’s okay, rape is wrong; a clear moral ambiguity, of goalpost moving!                                                                                                                                   I always think someone bigger than me needs to set those type of rules, hence my support of moral absolutes.  

The other spin-off of this is, having all these bible believing peoples around trying to lay down the law and keeping people from sinning, helps to keep the world from degenerating totally. The fact that they are trying to be “the salt of the earth” is pretty much all that keeps this world of ours from going completely bad. It’s a major benefit to the world and they surely don’t appreciate it. 


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