Springboks win the 2007 Rugby World Cup!


That’s what the headline says and that’s the truth! J What makes this victory so much more exciting for me is that the Law of Attraction played a significant part in the winning.

John Smit said that the first thing that Jake White said to his team when he met them  4 years ago, was that “they would be lifting the Webb Ellis trophy in October 2007” and they did! Wow!

They did just that. White started attracting that accolade four years ago. It’s a very interesting journey that I don’t have privy too, but the results of there positive thinking and all that goes with it are being celebrated all around the world today. They had one goal in mind, one vision, one purpose and they worked towards it, single mindedly and systematically. 

I heard a couple of weeks ago that the Boks were employing “the Secret” as a tool in the pursuit of this particular prize. While I do no have actual proof that that is true, I am pretty sure that it is. You could hear it in their speech, they talk the correct way. “They (the team)are just concentrating on ‘the now’” I heard Victor Matfield say. That type of talk comes from the fact that you can’t do anything tomorrow, you can only do what you are doing now well, just as I am writing this now, and you are reading it now. I can’t write this at 3 o’clock yesterday now, I can only write it ‘now’ now. Anyway, moving on; another player, I believe it was John, the Captain, said that just before he left, his wife presented him with a Vision Board that she had compiled, of the winning moments – lifting the cup, the fireworks and the celebrations. He related that he had looked at that Vision Board everyday and had lived the joyous occasion over and over in his mind before it actually happened.

That reminds me of the often related story of Walt Disney; someone said to his recently widowed wife on completion of the first Disneyworld, that; “it was a pity that Walt wasn’t there to see it.” Her reply is a lesson for all of us, she quipped; “Oh no don’t worry, he saw this long before we ever did” Meaning that he dreamed it and lived it, long before it came into being. As Bob Doyle in ‘The Secret’ says: “Thoughts become things” Whether we are creating Disneyland, Winning the world cup or becoming “National salesman of the year” (as one of my clients is starting to consider possible) thoughts become things.

What’s very interesting to me is that they had the Vision – they knew they were going to win, but they did not sit back and wait for it to happen. They planned, strategized, trained, work-shopped , practiced and did everything in their power to make sure that they were ready for it to happen. There’s a major lesson there: You can’t always just plant the seed and leave it, sometimes (more often that not) there is work to be done.  If you want your business to grow – you have to manage and lead well, hire and fire the right people if necessary.  If you want to be a specific weight – you must eat correctly and exercise enough. Winston Churchill said: ‘’Doing your best is not good enough, you have to do what you have to do”

One of the things that the Springboks had to do was believe that the Law of Attraction actually works and then they had to go out there and make it happen! And so they did! J


The trophy was named after the boy, William Webb Ellis, who pick up the football in Rugby and started running with it. The first team to win the world cup 3 times will keep the Webb Ellis Cup permanently. Is South Africa gonna attract/win it again and keep it? Well that’s entirely up to them, isn’t it? J



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