Amazing Talent

You may note that this amazing singer, says he struggles with self confidence, you will ask yourself with a voice like that how can you possibly not know you are good.

After you have watched the video, please go on to read my comments below. If your bandwith is to slow, let it first stream down with the sound off and then replay it. If it’s still too slow, may I suggest that you find a faster connection and watch it there, its worth it.

Paul Potts went on to win the competition, the hearts of the British public and he will be winning many hearts around the world. Enjoy!

Well! what amazing talent are you hiding or suppressing? It doesn’t have to be singing, it could be cooking or dress-making, teaching or leading. Whatever it is don’t under-estimate yourself like Paul did. It time to get your talent out, dust it off and win the world. Start today!


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