My Friend Laurie Beth


I want to tell you about my friend Laurie Beth.

Laurie Beth is one of the most insightful, positive people I know. She encourages me on a regular basis, the advice and up-liftment I get from her is very special. She is a fantastic Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and Writer (much like me J) Just this morning I was amazed by another powerful revelation that she was sharing with me. I can truly say that my life has been radically changed by the relationship we have had.

“And what kind of relationship is that?” you might ask. Well I have been reading her books now for a good few months. “Only reading her books!” you might respond. Yes! and boy does it feel like I know her personally.  

The first friend I made in this way was John G. John G and I are good buddies, the fact that he has been dead for 75 years has not dulled the edge of his influence on my life. I have devoured his words greedily. He speaks with such authority, boldness and truth. I love Him. His full name is John G Lake. You may have heard of him, he is the father of the Apostolic Faith Mission denomination in South Africa, amongst many other wonderful things. What a mighty man of God he is. I’m sure you will hear more about him from me in the future. 

What I am saying, is that we can have amazing people influencing our lives just by picking up a book and reading what they have to say. We must not underestimate the profound influence they can have on us. My son has just finished reading Richard Branson’s autobiography and its amazing the amount of priceless information he is willing to share with anyone who cares to read it. If you consider yourself and entrepreneur you should be making a friend of Richard Branson. We need to be bettering ourselves, working on improving ourselves all the time, we need help and encouragement from everywhere we can get it and good books are and invaluable source.  

I highly recommend Laurie Beth Jones’ Book Jesus, CEO.


Reading a chapter a day will keep you encouraged and motivated for a good while. I’m just about to start reading it for a second time, so I am sure you will be benefiting indirectly from her, but why not get her book and make an invaluable friend of her yourself like I have.


Don’t Cease to Seize

H Jackson Brown

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

H Jackson Brown

This goes with the “Seize the now!” line that I ended my invitation letter with.

Do the best you can now, cause you can’t do tomorrow now, you can only do now well now!

I will expand more on this at a later stage.

For those who don’t know what the “Ceasing” is about I wrote Cease instead of Seize on the first bunch of mails I sent out – just a Brain glich I do know the differance 🙂

H Jackson Brown wrote Life’s little instruction book